• Strategies for generating extra income

    Strategies for generating extra income
    There are many ways to monetise your skills, gifts, abilities and knowledge. As upstanding citizens we are called to multiply our talents and ensure that our resources are managed effectively in order to maximise our sphere of influence. A useful framework which has been beneficial in my life when implementing this idea, is the 4P’s strategy – consisting of Products Programs Presentations Personalised Time Contained...
  • Business and Reputation

    Business and Reputation
    Richard Branson was quoted to have said "In business, all you have is your reputation, therefore it is important to keep your word".  This quote resonated with me so much, especially when thinking about how I conduct my day to day business affairs.  Reputation is what people think of your business. How did they feel when they interacted with your company, brand and/or values?...
  • Quiet but confident

    Quiet but confident
    Here's a fun fact about me - my favourite flowers are lilies, pink and white lilies to be exact. I love the way they are so understatedly quiet, but filled with so much potential and loud proclamation!
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