Juggling being a wife, mother and business owner

First, I'd like you to know that I’m writing this blog as I’m watching my toddler's milk in her bottle gradually vanish away - ounce by ounce, by which time she will want my undivided attention again. I made 7 ounces, so not long left until its finished - so i'll make this post quick. 

Knowing how to wear different hats at different times is quite a skill to master. For me, it involves being acutely in tune with the needs of my family at any given time of the day and having the mindset and understanding that my primary responsibility is to prioritise their needs above any other activity. So, while I'm constantly inspecting everyone’s wellbeing, if I have a spare hour, half an hour, or even a few minutes (like now) I will seize the opportunity to work towards my business in some way, shape or form. This way, I am able to dream as big as I desire, but build in small increments, without the guilt that often comes from not being as present for my family as I would like. Through understanding the ‘dream big, build small’ principle, I am able to remain contented knowing that my business is still growing and progressing in the right direction, no matter what length of time I spend in any one sitting.   

Knowing which season you are experiencing in your life at any given time is crucial to your success as it will ensure you are meeting your specific responsibilities in relation to the pressing needs of your environment at the time. For example, if you were wearing flip flops in the winter icy snow, it would not only look odd, but your toes would be freezing! Hey, if you spent too long in the ice you might even end up with frost bite! So we need to respond accordingly, in line with the demands of the season's conditions - meaning thick socks and boots are in order!

The season that I’m in right now requires masterful time management skills as I am the mother of a teenager, toddler and currently pregnant with my third child. I am drawing closer to my third trimester which means my mental and physical energy levels will be tested to the limit very soon. I will be nursing a newborn baby full time, and giving her all my love, time and affection, whilst caring for my husband and other children. I also need to factor in time and space for myself. Therefore, to reduce the possibility of me overstretching myself, I’m using the season I’m in right now, to prepare for what’s to come by ensuring that my businesses can run as efficiently as possible without too much hands on activity from me. I put measures in place to make sure my customers will continue to get great value from my quality services and products.

So learning how to juggle activity involving your family, running a household, work, business and serving a community is absolutely essential if we are to maximise our productivity. Do I do this perfectly every time? Definitely not! But I am committed to this journey? Absolutely. At times it can be extremely challenging and taxing on the brain, and physical body, but the results are well worth it.

Oh, baby’s finished her bottle now, so we’ll catch up soon!

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