Quiet but confident

Here's a fun fact about me - my favourite flowers are lilies, pink and white lilies to be exact. I love the way they are so understatedly quiet, but filled with so much potential and loud proclamation!

This loud proclamation doesn't come in the form of sound, but in the explosion that is witnessed when they erupt and blossom into a wonderfully vibrant, energetic and colourful flower.

Without making a sound, they display their magnificent glory and their extravagant work of artistry is paraded around for all to see as they confidently bloom into their destiny. 

Their success lies in quietly obeying principles of success, such as

  • staying put in a nourishing environment
  • trusting the process
  • rest
  • contentment
  • beauty as a byproduct

We can learn a lot from these precious ones. 

I have recently learned to appreciate the value of building quietly, through understanding that the loud proclamation will come by the consistent application of time tested principles.

A good book I read said that there is strength in quietness and confidence.

This idea goes against the constant bombardment that we hear in the world where the louder you are, the more confident you supposedly are.

What if there is a paradox here?

What if  - the quieter you are, the more confident you are?

What if  - the more confident you are, the more content you are? 

What if -  the more content you are, the more effective you are and the bigger statements you are able to make without saying too much and instead, your strength of character is displayed by the results that you produce.

After years of questioning why I am not the loudest one in the room and engaging in various training courses to resolve this perceived issue in my life, I have now learned to become comfortable with my quietness.

It now means when I do speak, my actions and words are better aligned because the results in my life match what I proclaim with my lips. 

Now don't get me wrong, there is a time to be quiet and a time to speak. Balance is key here. But, oftentimes, the most confident person in the room is the one manifesting their beauty and potential by quietly submitting to the process of growth and returning back to that internal place of rest each and every time an opportunity arises to become discontent. 

Trust the process.

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