Why I quit my job as a full-time nurse and started a care business

It doesn’t matter how many bachelor degrees you have - if you are not satisfied in your job role, you will feel empty, frustrated and unfulfilled. I certainly did.

In my earlier years, I had obtained a degree in Media, but then I had a change of direction and started my Mental Health nursing degree as I was fascinated with the mind and wanted to help people change their mindset and work through their emotions.

Three years later, I completed my nurse training with a first-class degree, I qualified as a nurse and got a job in a psychiatric intensive care unit - looking after service users who were acutely unwell.

But something still didn’t feel right.

Due to limited resources, unsafe staffing levels, 12-hour long shifts and a toxic workplace culture - I would often leave work feeling powerless and frustrated at the lack of results I was seeing in the lives of those who I was meant to be helping!

I then started to get extremely anxious with the thought of going into work.

I constantly felt unproductive, unsafe, undervalued and unfulfilled.

I knew there was more, and I knew my skills were not being maximised - my creativity had almost become extinct working in this capacity.

I felt terrified at the thought of leaving my full time, permanent job and handing in my resignation letter.

This was a scary time! How would I pay my bills?

After much tossing and turning, I decided to take the risk. 

I started to work as an agency nurse a couple days a week, whilst I built my nursing agency business on the side.

I noticed, that as soon as I set my mind to focus on launching and growing my business and making it work whatever the cost, the building blocks all started to come together.

I decided to stop second guessing myself, and trust that inner voice that was gently egging me on to success! So I set up an office, and went about employing nursing and care staff to join my agency, and finding new clients to work with. 

Persistence paid off, because my business grew from £0 to six figures within the first 6 months of trading! But more importantly, I was able to free up time to spend with my growing family.

And just to think, I was scared of resigning from my job!

You are more than capable of building a successful business. The only thing stopping you .... is you and your thoughts.

I can help you remove those mind-set blockages so you can build your confidence and get rid of that self-doubt. 

Explore the packages I have available, and start your journey today!

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