I am Nicola McKenzie, a wife, mother, mental health nurse and self-confessed business geek.

I am also the founder of BIT Healthcare Services a nursing agency providing employment opportunities for healthcare workers across the Central England region.

After 10 years of working within the field of healthcare, particularly in the area of mental health, I now support individuals on purpose, vision, business and productivity by positively influencing mindsets and attitudes. 

At the heart of it all, I am passionate about helping dormant entrepreneurs:

  • find their purpose - their true calling
  • develop and refine their vision
  • activate their mind into taking action
  • become more productive
  • launch and grow their business/care business
  • break cycles of poverty
  • change lives

I believe it is important to be intentional and productive with our time and talents.

I firmly believe that there is a gift and a leader of that gift inside every person, it’s just waiting to explode and I believe it all starts with the right mindset and attitude.

People often chase after money, but instead, I found that when I decided to:-

  • commit to personal development
  • step out of my comfort zone
  • connect with the right people
  • become a master of my time
  • consistently apply what I learn

....the results started to speak for themselves!

Please use this platform to learn, grow, be inspired, be encouraged and gain insight into the possibilities ahead of you so you can achieve your unique version of success.

My hope is that the spirit of entrepreneurship will be ignited in you and thrive, and that your mind will be truly charged into action as you gain more clarity.

I am married to my hubby Hagos, and we are proud parents to our four girls! Through the business, we have the freedom to focus on new ideas, new creations and new business opportunities, and life is really exciting! 


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